Private Yoga Tuition

Melissa can personally tailor a yoga practice to your specific needs. We all have special needs as we all are unique. For some of us, this may be that we are a total beginner and we wish to explore the basics and increase our flexibility, for others with a regular practice we may wish to deepen our practice, knowledge and experience in a private session. The practice may be invigorating and dynamic, or supportive and restorative, depending on what your body and being requires.

These sessions go beyond Asana (postures) into the essence of what yoga can offer us all, regardless of our experience - the only prerequisite we need for yoga is be able to breathe!

Please phone Melissa on 0413 925 211 to book a session.

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Beginners through to Intermediate

Pre-natal and Post–natal



Yoga for Surfing

Mum's and Bubs Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga for Injury, Illness, or specific health needs


Yoga Testimonials

“Being new to yoga it was fantastic to have such a patient and enthusiastic instructor as Mel. I couldn’t recommend Mel’s teaching highly enough to those who want to improve their flexibility, fitness and overall well being. Cheers!” Anthony Strachan 39yrs owner Three Monkeys Cafe

“I received 6 months of yoga therapy with Melissa that not only calmed my mind but released major tension in my lower back caused from a long time of training and physical abuse from competitive sport. The atmosphere Melissa creates is very relaxing and soothing to cure mind, body and soul related issues. I can now move again free of tension!” Harley 26yrs Film maker

“I would absolutely recommend Melissa for yoga instruction as I have never been able to get the same experience or results with another teacher. Through her patient understanding and teaching, I was able to improve the flexibility in my back and hips, allowing me to feel more free in my movements and release tension I had held in my joints most of my life. I found practising with Melissa invaluable and continue to use what I learnt in everyday life” Jill 33 Social Worker

“Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for all your support during my pregnancy. I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without your yoga sessions, breathing, and emotional support. The yoga definitely helped to strengthen my body and mind for the journey ahead. It was great to stretch my tired body and feel rejuvenated afterwards. After such a tiring pregnancy, yoga helped to provide a space to re-connect with my body and changing self, and let go of expectations, and breathe. Thanks for all your support and understanding of the limitations of my body during pregnancy but also giving me the emotional security and your knowledge of how far I could push myself out of my comfort zone.

All is going well now with my beautiful baby and I can return to yoga to re-strengthen my body after the pregnancy and birth, have some coping mechanisms for dealing with parenthood, time to stretch, a space just for me, relaxation, and again let go of expectation of myself and focus on what’s important. Now when people ask me how I got through carrying an 11.6 pound baby (!), I say “yoga”. If anyone asks me how I cope with parenthood, I say “yoga”. Thanks so much for the individually based program and the psychological support that you provided. You are an inspiration and a tremendous support. Thanks again.” Melanie 35 Psychologist (Practiced yoga at 39 weeks pregnant!!)

“I had some yoga sessions with Melissa, and through this I was able to really understand the importance of breathing and mindfulness in the management of anxiety. Melissa’s yoga teaching has helped me realise the importance of really experiencing the present moment that we are in, and the yoga practice places you in the moment with the focus on your breath and movement of your body. I felt relaxed, yet energised after the sessions and will continue to practice.” Alison 36yrs Writer



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