About Melissa

Vibrant Psychology and Yoga is owned and operated by Melissa Podmore. Melissa holds an Honours degree in the discipline of Psychology and has over 15 yrs experience in the field of Psychology. Prior to commencing her successful private practice, Melissa worked for 10 years in a variety of clinical fields within the public sector - this included The Royal Hospital for Women (Randwick); Sydney Central Coast Health and St Vincent's Hospital (Darlinghurst).

Melissa is an experienced Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Throughout her career she has gained extensive and specialised experience in the areas of Trauma Treatment; Child and Family Counselling; Perinatal (Pre and Post-Natal) Psychiatry; Drug/ Alcohol and Addiction; Relationships Counselling; Adolescent Mental Health; and Women’s Health - Mental, Physical and Emotional. Melissa continues to undertake on-going training with international leaders in the field of Psychotherapy and Psychiatry.

Along with her psychology qualifications Melissa has trained extensively in many areas of therapy throughout her career, enabling her to utilise a wide range of interventions to assist each clients individual needs. These include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; Narrative Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Gestalt Therapy; Medical Hypnotherapy; Individual Dialectical Behavioural Therapy; Attachment Theory and Trauma Therapy.

This is a list of some of the most prominent professionals Melissa has trained with, many of whom are world leaders in their field:

Dr Bessel Van DeKolk (USA) Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine

 - Trauma and the Body : Treating Complex Trauma

 - Neurobiology of Attachment and Trauma


Dr Janina Fisher (USA)  Clinical Psychologist/ International Trainer

 - Intensive Training in Advanced Treatment of Complex Developmental Trauma

 - Treating Dysfunctional Attachment/ Psycho-neurobiology of Attachment and Trauma

 - Sensori-motor Psychotherapy (Trauma and the Body)


Dr Dan Siegal (USA) Clinical Professor of Psychiatry UCLA School of Medicine

 - Mindfulness and the Treatment of Complex Trauma


Dr John Briere (USA) Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology Keek School of Medicine, University of South Californi

 - Mindful Treatment of Trauma and Complex Post Traumatic Stress


Dr Karl Brisch (Germany) Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist/ Psychotherapist -Head of Department of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy -Dr Von Hauners Children Hospital Munich Germany

 - Treating Attachment Disorders in Children and Adults


Dr Rick Hanson (USA) Psychologist- Mindfulness; Neuro-psychology and Buddhism


Dr Peter Levine (USA) Medical Biophysics/ Psychology - Treating Complex Trauma


Dr Carolyn Costin (USA) Clinical Psychologist - Treating Eating Disorders


Dr Alan Fahey (Aust) - College of Medical Hypnosis- Medical Practitioner with expertise in Psychiatry; Psychological Medicine Hypnotherapy

- Intensive Training Medical Hypnotherapy for Psychotherapists


Dr Leah Giarrantano (Aust) Clinical Psychologist - Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Dr Russ Haarrisr (Aust) GP- Advanced Training - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Dr Rick Kausman (Aust) GP -Treating Eating Disorders


Dr Rishi Vivekananda (Aust) Psychiatrist - Yoga for Anxiety - Yoga for Treatment of PTSD (Trauma)


Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnam) Zen Buddhist Monk -Attendance at Residential Training retreats in Germany and USA

  - Authentic training in Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology


Sister Chang Kong (Vietnam) Zen Buddhist Nun- Attendance at Residential Training retreats in Germany and USA

  - Authentic training in Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology


Sogyal Rinpoche (Tibet) Buddhist Meditation / Philosophy Attendance at Residential Training retreat in Aust.


Louisa Sears (Aust) Senior Yoga Teacher - Intensive 9 months Yoga Teacher Training (1200 hours) Yoga; Philosophy and Teaching Skills

Rose Baudin (USA) Senior Yoga/ Meditation and Philosophy Teacher - Yoga; Meditation; Philosophy and Ayurveda

Clive Sheridan (UK) Senior Yoga/ Philosophy Teacher - Attendance at Residential Training Retreat in Aust - Yoga; Meditation; Prananyama; Philosophy

Glenn Cerosoli (Aust) Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga and Philosophy

Simon Borg-Olivier - (Aust) Senior Yoga Teacher- Yoga and Anatomy/ Physiology

Jean Campbell - (Aust) Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga and Anatomy/ Physiology

Dr Swami Shankardev - (Aust)- GP / Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga Psychology

John Barter (Aust) Buddhist Psychologist / Former Buddhist Monk - Meditation; Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology

Brandon Bays - (USA) Residential Intensive Training Retreat in Aust - The Journey Work/ Psychotherapy


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